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Extracurricular Activities

BASIS Charter Schools attempt to align clubs and extracurricular activities offered through the school with the interests of the students. As a result, the clubs and extracurricular activities differ among the various campuses. Nevertheless, each BASIS campus offers a wide array of clubs and extracurricular activities.

Clubs and Extracurricular Options

We are pleased to offer a wide variety of extracurricular activities this fall in the areas of sports, enrichment, and academic resources. Each program is overseen by an activity manager who is responsible for promoting the activity and providing specific information about expectations and dates.

Questions regarding sign-up procedures may be emailed to Brett English at [email protected] Questions regarding a specific program must be emailed directly to the Activity Manager.

In order to register for an Extracurricular Activity, please complete the Extracurricular Registration Form available in the front office.

Please complete a separate form for each activity and each student.

Payments will be made through SMART for Charters.

Students waiting for an extracurricular to begin may attend Late Bird and will not be charged for the time before their extracurricular start time.

Students who use Late Bird after the extracurricular end time will be charged a drop-in fee for that day.

**If a student is registering for an athletic activity, they will be required to provide a completed Pre-Participation Medical Evaluation and a Release Waiver of Liability form signed by a parent or a legal guardian before they will be allowed to actively participate. These forms are available at the front office or from the activity manager and should be submitted to the activity manager listed in the program.




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